This time I want to tell you how our actions in the past year will affect the future of the FCI. I am not saying it is not important to summarise our achievements and to explain why we proceeded in a certain way, but I want to talk about our future as an international organisation, but most important about the future of our dogs worldwide.

Three aspects have been transcendental during the past year; cooperation and collaboration, innovation and preparation for the future. These three aspects will lead our organisation for the next year.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
FCI Show Commission - Activity report

The annual meeting of the FCI Show- and Judges Commission took place for the first time ever in Asia, the beautiful Island of Cebu, Philippines, the last weekend in January.
Our usual date, 1st weekend in February, was not very convenient as the same weekend many countries in Asia celebrated Chinese New Year and the main goal to have the meeting in Asia was of course to get in better contact with our Asian and Pacific members.

Mr Augusto Benedicto Santos III, President of the Philippines Canine Club, Inc. opened the meeting and wished a very warm welcome to all 49 delegates and guests from 31 countries.
The very fruitful discussions showed the great importance and made clear, that only trough working together on a worldwide basis with in the commissions, the FCI will be gaining more strength.
The following proposals were sent to the FCI GC and approved:
Proposal 1: Junior Handling, Proposal from FCI Youth
The Show Commission reviewed the FCI Recommendations for World and Section Junior Handling Competitions.
The Junior Handling Proposal from FCI Youth was unanimously approved. Approval of the General Committee

Proposal 2: Standing Order of the FCI - Article 10 – Events
Proposal to the General Committee to add the underlined text in the Standing Orders.
The International all-breed shows and international trials where FCI awards (CACIB, CACIT, CACIAG, CACIL, CACIOB) are granted come under the aegis of the FCI. All documents and catalogues related to the above events must carry the FCI logo. The FCI logo must be visible at all these events.
At World Dog Shows and Section Shows the FCI logo and the FCI Flag must be visible at all these events, including at the main entrance and in the main ring.
As result of the change, the following text should also be added in the APPLICATION FORM.
PRESENCE OF FCI LOGO AND FLAGS (in a central and "strategic" place, including at the main entrance and in the main ring).
Approval. The matter will be referred to the 2017 General Assembly (amendments to the Standing Orders are for the GA)..

Once again I would like to thank Dinky B. Santos and the members of the Philippines Canine Club, Inc. for hosting our meeting and the great hospitality, Dr Orlino Hosaka for the perfect organisation and Mr Joselito Rosales for taking over the important work as the secretary for the meeting. Not to forget Mr Larry Yuen’s sport lesson after lunch, which made us fit for the next discussions.

Even though the weather was not what at least the European delegates had expected, we spent a wonderful and memorable time in Cebu.

In this report I am very happy to mention that the World Dog Show in Moscow and the Section Shows in Brussels (Europe) and Jakarta (Asia) where organised with great empathies and attracted many exhibitors and visitors.
The total of organised CACIB shows in 2016 is 1203, divided as follows: 760 in Europe, 203 in the Americas and the Caribbean, 230 in Asia and the Pacific, 9 in Africa and 1 in Middle East.
These figures show once again how important dog shows under the roof of the FCI are all over the world and that we have to work strong and further on to get the same standards and system on all continents.

Last but not least my thanks go to Dr Tamás Jakkel for his support in the FCI General Committee, Yves de Clerq and his staff for the excellent cooperation and my colleagues Luis M. Catalan and Ronnie Natividad for their help and support.

Barbara Müller
President of the FCI Show Commission