This time I want to tell you how our actions in the past year will affect the future of the FCI. I am not saying it is not important to summarise our achievements and to explain why we proceeded in a certain way, but I want to talk about our future as an international organisation, but most important about the future of our dogs worldwide.

Three aspects have been transcendental during the past year; cooperation and collaboration, innovation and preparation for the future. These three aspects will lead our organisation for the next year.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
FCI World Dog Show 2017 in Leipzig : the preparations are making good progress

April began with a visit of an FCI delegation to Leipzig: a tour of the WDS venue and a meeting with the main stakeholders in this event were organised in the city which will soon host one of the major events of the canine calendar.

German Winner Show
Wednesday, November, 8th 2017 - FCI-Groups: 1-10

World Dog Show
Thursday, November, 9th 2017 - FCI-Groups: 4, 6, 7, 8
Friday, November, 10th 2017 - FCI-Groups: 5, 9
Saturday, November, 11th 2017 - FCI-Groups: 1, 3
Sunday, November, 12th 2017 - FCI-Groups: 2, 10

Leipziger Messe

Visitors (expected)

Dogs (expected)
20,000 dogs

The venue is very impressive and is promising in terms of capacity and state-of-the-art technology and services.

A complete set of information is available at More details will be provided in this newsletter and on VDH’s media as they become available.

Get ready for Leipzig, Leipzig is getting ready for you and your dogs!